Padres Fan Punches Man at Baseball Game

A fan attending a Padres versus Rockies baseball game captured the dramatic moment a man in a Padres shirt punched another man so hard his glasses flew from his face at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, on May 12.

Nathan Brooks recorded this video, and originally posted it to TikTok. The footage shows the man in the Padres shirt punching the other man, who then goes limp. Several people can be seen going after the person who swung, while others comfort the man who was punched.

Brooks told Storyful he believed the fight was a miscommunication, however it is unclear exactly what started the fight.

“The fight/argument had started and ended within seconds,” Brooks said. “After the video ended, medical staff came and got the guy who was knocked out and the police took the other guy away in handcuffs.”

The Denver PD told Storyful, “The person who threw the first punch was contacted by police. However, the person struck did not want to press charges.”

According to the Denver PD, no one was arrested. Credit: Nathan Brooks via Storyful

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