I paid £2.60 for a Greggs 'magic bag' and got nearly £20 of baked goods

I'm all about saving money and finding a bargain. I'm one of these people who will head straight for the discounted aisle in the supermarket, or is always on the look-out for a sale on Amazon.

So when I first discovered the Too Good To Go app on my phone, I couldn't believe my luck. Too Good To Go is where supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and shops sell any surplus food at the end of the day for significantly less than you would pay for them in their prime.

The food that you can collect is inside 'magic bags' and can be found on the app. You just search for what's available near you.

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Last week I had an amazing haul after picking up a carvery roast dinner bag from my local Farmhouse Inns. For just £3.99, I had enough food to fill two big plates for my partner and I.

This time I happened upon a 'magic bag' from a Greggs tucked away in a Spar nearby for just £2.59. A bargain I thought - and the idea of some pastries and sweet treats was planted in my head. I tapped and quickly reserved my bag for collection at 7.15pm the following evening.

The next day I headed off to Greggs bang on time for the opening of the collection window and I spotted three white bags behind the counter. A kind member of staff checked my app - and presented me a white bag, which I must say looked packed and felt heavy.

I headed back to my car and took a sneak peek and spotted two sandwiches and a box of YumYums to start with. But there were even more surprises to be discovered when I made it home.

As I laid it all out on my dining room table, I couldn't believe my eyes. There were two steak bakes (£2 each) and a corned beef bake (£1.95), as well as a tuna crunch baguette (£3.45) and a chicken and bacon sandwich (£2.20).

While sweet treats included a novelty cupcake (£1) and a pack of four milk chocolate caramel shortbreads (£2.95). Not forgetting a box of two YumYums (£1.45).

I had £17 worth of food in front of me. But had only paid £2.59 for it all. I was gobsmacked.

We heated up the pasties and shared them between the two of us that evening for a quick tea, while halving the cupcake between us for pud. Our kids devoured the YumYums in seconds. Result.

Both pasties were still nice and flaky, and there was generous filling. Everything had a clear allergen and ingredients lists on the packaging which I thought was great too.

We had the sandwiches the following day and they tasted fine. They both had plenty of filling and the packaging said they had been prepared freshly the day we collected them - and they tasted just as good the following day. I wouldn't have kept them for any longer than that though.

And the icing on the cake was the milk chocolate caramel shortbreads. They were just delicious!

I couldn't believe the value for money in my Greggs magic bag. All for just £2.59 I'd received £17 worth of food! If anyone else can tell me where you get that much food for £2.59 my ears (or emails) are open!

You really can't deny the appeal of this app at all. It is a great idea and makes a lot of sense. And with how quickly if have seen some of the bags sell out - people obviously agree. The food is better given out at a discounted price than going straight in the bin.

It's worth checking the app in the local area and seeing which cafes, restaurants and supermarkets pop up!