I paid £4 for two roast dinners at a Farmhouse Inn carvery and couldn't believe what we got

There's nothing more comforting than a Sunday roast dinner. Or a Friday roast in my case.

With no plans for our tea on Friday night and after a long week at work for us both, I was scrolling the Too Good To Go app when something caught my eye. Our local Farmhouse Inns, known for its carvery and huge cakes, was offering a carvery magic bag for just £3.99 for collection that evening.

I didn't need convincing. I immediately tapped to reserve my bag. The only problem, we had to wait until 8.45pm that evening.

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Too Good To Go, if you didn't already know, is an app where supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, pubs and shops sell over any surplus food from that day for a fraction of the cost. The food that you can collect is inside 'magic bags' - and you can just search for what's available near to you.

The app told me that my roast carvery bag from Farmhouse Inns was worth £8.79. The app said: "A delicious carvery with some 14-hour slow-roasted meat, our best ever fluffy Yorkshire puddings, crispy roast potatoes and a wide range of vegetables."

We patiently counted down the hours after finishing work at 4pm, trying to distract ourselves with a trip to the gym, tidying the house and watching TV. I was also getting extremely anxious that there wouldn't be enough to feed us both.

At 8.40pm I headed over to our Farmhouse Inn, slightly early, but I wasn't the only one. Two fellow Too Good To Go bag collectors were waiting too. We were soon called over to the carvery station and I couldn't wait.

A friendly member of staff came over with three big cardboard boxes and informed us it was just roast turkey for the magic bags today. Perfectly fine by me!

He began slicing meat and placing slices into each box before asking us if we wanted a Yorkshire pudding. I didn't hesitate: "Yes please!" They were huge.

The staff member handed us over the boxes and then said 'help yourself'. My partner and I looked at one another. In front of us on the carvery stand were roast potatoes, mashed potato, boiled potatoes, cauliflower cheese, stuffing, broccoli and carrots.

We were like two kids in a sweet shop and began piling the box full of goodies for our roast dinner. This was a result and I hadn't even tried the food yet. We were given two smaller tubs to load up on the gravy too. We both walked out of our local Farmhouse Inns with grins bigger than a Cheshire cat.

But when we got home and started piling our carvery haul onto two plates, we quickly realised something. Our eyes had been too big for our bellies. We had SO much food - and even with tempting our two children with a bit we still struggled to eat it all. It was all still warm too which was even better!

We didn't have huge chunks of meat, but the turkey wasn't dry and very delicious. There was enough meat for the two of us. The roast potatoes were incredible. Crunchy on the outer and soft and fluffy on the inside.

The mashed potato was lovely and buttery, however some of the boiled potatoes were a little tough, like they'd been out most of the day. The veg was great and I loved the cauliflower cheese - it was divine! And the gravy was so tasty.

We were so full afterwards and couldn't believe the amount of food we'd had for £3.99. Where else could you feed two people (and a little bit more) for £3.99, or even get a roast dinner for one for that price! Amazing.

Would we pick it up again? Most definitely! I've since noticed they also do cooked breakfasts and vegetarian breakfasts on Too Good To Go. As well as a carvery trimmings bag (without meat) and, one that my kids are most excited about, 'the cakeaway bag' which is a slice of one of their giant cakes for £2.29.

I love Too Good To Go, the food is so much better given out at a discounted price than being thrown away at the end of the day. It's worth checking the app in the local area and seeing which cafes, restaurants and supermarkets pop up!