'I paid for my sister's holiday as a treat - but all she did was complain'

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The joy of having a loved one treat you to a surprise holiday is indescribable, a fact known all too well by one woman who went out of her way to treat her sister to a "foreign city break". She organised and paid for the flights and accommodation, knowing full well that her sister "couldn't really afford the holiday herself".

However, she was taken aback when, rather than expressing gratitude, her sister complained incessantly.

In a tale she shared on Mumsnet, the woman recounted how her sister took it upon herself to "complain" and accused her of ingratitude. She vented, saying: "All she did was complain about the hotel saying [the] staff were rude (I didn't think so at all), the room was too small, too hot, and we had to share a double bed instead of twin beds."

Her grievance didn't stop there as her ungrateful sibling apparently "didn't really like the area", notwithstanding that it was chosen because it was "very central". The situation had understandably "irked" her, making her feel that her generosity was being treated in an unappreciative manner and she wondered if she was being unreasonable for having such sentiments towards her sister.

Her story drew quite a response in the comment section with many sympathising with her. One commenter remarked: "Did she want to go on this break or did you surprise her? The only reason I can see for griping like this is she didn't really want to be there at all."

"It is ungrateful either way. Is she just a moaner by nature? One of my sisters is one of these, finds something to complain about in every situation."

Another vented: "It would annoy me too! It's the height of rudeness", while another chimed in with: "Incredibly rude and ungrateful. The hotel would have to be filthy for me to complain about it. Just rude."

Yet, one Mumsnet user offered a different perspective, noting: "It irked you because I'm guessing that not only did you pay for it, you also chose the hotel! Just because you thought it was a great place, doesn't mean she has to.."