Paisley residents outraged as mound of concrete slabs dumped across from primary school

A mound of concrete slabs were dumped on the pavement
-Credit: (Image: Ross Clark)

Those living in Paisley have been left disgusted after a large quantity of concrete slabs were disposed of near a primary school.

The disgraceful fly-tipping was spotted on Maxwellton Road near St Mary's Primary School on Thursday (June 27).

An image taken of the scene shows the mound pouring onto the pavement and blocking any access for pedestrians. It also appears that a metal fence has been broken during the process of the slabs being dumped.

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Fuming local, Ross Clark, said: "It really annoys me when I see this: it shows a real disrespect for our environment.

"I am part of the group of volunteers in Renfrewshire who volunteer to pick litter in our local area, so I'm quite invested in keeping my local area clean.

"Plus it's a hazard for kids walking to school and vehicles passing by."

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The post on Facebook has racked up 20 comments and 39 reactions.

One commenter wrote: "The result here is forcing primary school aged kids to walk on a road, rather than the pavement, never mind other pedestrians."

Another added: "Industrial waste dumped by cowboys avoiding cost . Hope they catch those sad individuals and make them pay the true cost."

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: "There is no excuse for fly tipping. It is illegal, unsightly and damages our environment.

"As part of our Team Up to Clean Up campaign, we have created a team dedicated to catching people and businesses in the act and they carry out daily proactive visits to hot spot areas and respond to reports from elected members and the public.

"We always seek to identify and issue the maximum possible fines to the person or business responsible and report to them to the Procurator Fiscal when appropriate.

"This fly tipping has been identified, investigated and is scheduled for removal"

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