Pakistan's Khan returns home after bail granted

STORY: "Freedom" - that's what thousands of supporters chanted as they welcomed former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan home on Saturday (May 13) at his residence in Lahore.

A Pakistani court ordered Khan's release on bail for two weeks, according to his lawyer on Friday (May 12).

He departed the court premises and headed towards his hometown.

He had remained inside for hours after being granted bail, saying he was not being allowed to leave by security officials.

Khan was arrested on Tuesday (May 9) by the anti-graft agency in a land fraud case.

The arrest was ruled by the Supreme Court "invalid and unlawful" on Thursday.

Khan's arrest ignited deadly protests in many cities and a tussle with the military.

Khan welcomed the court's order and told reporters inside the court premises the judiciary was Pakistan's only protection against the "law of the jungle".

Khan added that he did not believe the country's security agencies were against him, but he suggested that the position of army chief was all-powerful.

The army's public relations wing did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

Khan's critics once accused him of being maneuvered into power in 2018 by the powerful military - a charge both sides denied.

But he later fell out with the generals, accusing them of plotting his removal from power in 2022. He has since been a vocal critic of current army chief General Asim Munir.

Khan is Pakistan's most popular leader according to opinion polls.