Paloma Faith: 'Men couldn't cope with motherhood'

(PA Images)
(PA Images)

37-year-old singer and actress Paloma Faith has always been candid about motherhood. Since having her first child with French artist Leyman Lahcine in 2016, she’s called motherhood ‘hell’ and ‘lonely.

And now in a new interview with Sky News, Faith says she doesn’t think men could handle the demands of motherhood.

“If a man had to do it they’d drop dead, I swear. It’s bloody exhausting. It’s actually unfathomable how women have done it for that long,” Faith said.

These claims haven’t gone down too well on Twitter. Several users called her remarks ‘sexist’ while others jumped in to defend fathers and single fatherhood.

Faith also said she finds motherhood ‘powerful’ but ‘challenging.’

“As a relatively new mum I feel like since having a child I have become much more efficient and much more organised and felt much more powerful and capable of achieving anything. Because it’s so challenging to be a mother. I think part of that has been underestimated culturally,” she said.

The former The Voice judge has also refused to reveal the gender and name of her child and has never published or released any photos of the child.

She revealed in a separate interview with Reuters on Wednesday that she is raising her child gender neutral.

“I’m just raising my child to be who they are. I don’t differentiate gender because I don’t believe you should to a young child,” Faith said.

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