Pamela Anderson Netflix documentary sparks backlash against Pam & Tommy

Pamela, a love story (Netflix)
Pamela, A Love Story has proved a hit. (Netflix)

Pamela Anderson's new Netflix documentary has proved a hit with viewers – but has sparked a backlash against the recent drama series Pam & Tommy.

The Hulu series, starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan, aired in 2022 telling the story of Anderson's marriage to Tommy Lee and a sex tape that was stolen from their house and leaked to the world.

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But viewers of Pamela, A Love Story, which sees the former Baywatch star tell her story in her own words, have called the drama "exploitative" and "shady".

Anderson recently spoke to Variety about the drama, calling it "salt in the wound" and branding the makers "a**holes".

Pam & Tommy starred Lily James. (Hulu)
Pam & Tommy starred Lily James. (Hulu)

She added: "It just looked like another Halloween costume to me. Everyone dresses up as... there was a lot of Halloween costumes over the last decade."

Fans of her Netflix documentary appeared to agree, with one person tweeting: "Just watched, Pamela a love story. I instinctively knew not to watch that HULU series because it was clearly exploiting her trauma. And after watching the documentary, I just think that we, as a society, need to respect and care for women more."

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Someone else agreed: "pamela, a love story is something i think everybody should watch. especially the people who watched the ‘pam and tommy’ hulu show. and especially to everyone who thinks they know her because you read articles and interviews from the 90s."

Another fan added: "I’m glad I never watched that Pam & Tommy movie."

Someone else added: "I binged The Watcher and Pamela, a love story on Netflix. Hulu is looking super shady with the Pam and Tommy, now."

Pamela, a love story (Netflix)
Viewers loved seeing Pamela Anderson's relationship with her sons. (Netflix)

Other were even more damning in their criticism, with one person tweeting: "if i was involved w the pam and tommy series i literally wouldn’t be able to sleep at night."

Someone else slammed Pam & Tommy, saying: "i always felt gross about the pam and tommy hulu show but now after watching pamela’s documentary and seeing just how triggering it was for her and her family, i sincerely hope that everyone involved in that show burns for eternity in hell."

Brandon Hilton added: "I never watched Hulu’s shady ‘Pam & Tommy’ cash grab, but I did just watch @PamelaAnderson’s new @Netflix documentary #PamelaALoveStory and it was triumphant, beautiful and inspiring!!! and for once, in her own words, on her own terms!!! A MUST WATCH!!!"

Pamela, a love story (Netflix)
The documentary gives a fresh take on Pamela Anderson's life. (Netflix)

Viewers heaped praise on the documentary, admitting they were surprised by the star.

One person tweeted: "Watched the Pamela Anderson documentary last night - highly recommend it. I’m ashamed to confess my own pre-conceptions based on the OTT image, but she is smart, self-deprecating and hugely likeable. Horrifically exploited but still standing tall."

Someone else added: "I urge everybody watch Pamela Anderson documentary on Netflix. Regaining her power. What a women."

Another fan agreed: "Pamela Anderson deserves an apology from society. She is a queen."

Pamela, A Love Story is currently streaming on Netflix.