Panera Is Finally Getting Rid Of Its Contentious Charged Lemonade

cup of panera charged lemonade in front of panera bread location
cup of panera charged lemonade in front of panera bread location - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Charged Lemonades made their debut back in April 2022 as Panera's response to the growing energy drink market. But after multiple lawsuits over deaths and injuries related to the caffeine-loaded lemonades, Panera has finally decided to give the product the ax. Charged Lemonades can contain about 155 to 302 milligrams of caffeine, according to nutritional facts added to Panera's website after the lawsuits were filed. However, the family filing the lawsuit over the death of their 21-year-old daughter with a heart condition who died after consuming Charged Lemonade claims she was unaware of the risks, assuming it contained a safe amount of caffeine for her to drink, as reported by CNN.

Given the controversy, Panera is now phasing out sales of the drink, instead shifting their focus to new beverages with far less caffeine. This is a welcome pivot amongst the other big changes Panera's already made in 2024. In a statement to Static Media, Daily Meal's parent company, Panera shared the following: "We are excited to continue the success of our recent menu transformation... and are focusing next on the broad array of beverages we know our guests desire – ranging from exciting, on-trend flavors, to low sugar and low-caffeine options."

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New Panera Beverage Options Replacing The Controversial Charged Lemonade

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panera bread storefront - BWM Infinity/Shutterstock

Just because Charged Lemonades are on their way out doesn't mean all Panera lemonades are gone for good. Instead, the Panera drinks lineup is now placing emphasis on low-caffeine options and introducing a new lemonade flavor along with new tea, punch, and smoothie options. "Our enhanced beverage portfolio, including new Blueberry Lavender Lemonade, Pomegranate Hibiscus Tea, Citrus Punch, and a Tropical Green Smoothie will reinforce our mission of delivering what our guests want most," Panera relayed in their statement to Static Media.

Last year Panera took some cautionary steps after reporting on the lawsuits dropped, including added warnings on their website regarding the Charged Lemonades. But despite their efforts, it seems the choice to discontinue the beverage altogether and shift the focus to low-caffeinated drinks will be the smarter move in the long run. Charged Lemonades will now be remembered as Panera's controversial, potentially dangerous venture into the billion dollar highly caffeinated beverage market. Instead, Panera fans can try the new lemonade and tea offerings on the way, while taking advantage of a Panera drink hack that'll give fans more sips for less money.

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