Panthers organizational shakeup continues; Samir Suleiman out as VP of football administration

Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper is continuing to shake up the organization.

Vice president of football administration Samir Suleiman is no longer with the team, meaning the Panthers will be looking for someone to manage the salary cap and contract negotiations moving forward, a team spokesman said Tuesday.

The move comes one day after the team promoted Dan Morgan to president of football operations and general manager. Morgan replaced his former boss Scott Fitterer, who was fired earlier this month after the Panthers finished 2-15.

The Panthers are still looking for a head coach.

Suleiman, who had been with the Panthers since 2020, was among those that interviewed for Fitterer’s job after the season.

The Panthers could look to fill Suleiman’s job from some of the candidates that they requested to interview for the GM position. That listed included Chiefs vice president of football operations Brandt Tilis, Giants assistant GM Brandon Brown, Buccaneers assistant GM Mike Greenberg, Eagles assistant GM Alec Halaby, Saints assistant GM Khai Harley, Ravens vice president of football administration Nick Matteo, Colts assistant GM Ed Dodds and Raiders interim GM Champ Kelly.

Suleiman initially served as director of player negotiations and salary cap manager but was promoted in 2022 to vice president of football administration, an expansion of his role in the budgeting and finance function of the football operation.