What the papers say – February 5

The Sunday papers carry comments from former prime minister Liz Truss on her dramatic downfall in politics, while there is also an interview with a woman who claims to have taken the Duke of Sussex’s virginity.

The Sunday Telegraph has the first detailed comments from Ms Truss since she was forced from No 10, with the ex Tory leader saying her party and a “powerful economic establishment” never gave her a “realistic chance” to implement her radical tax-cutting agenda.

The Mail on Sunday and The Sun on Sunday have interviews with Sasha Walpole who claims she is the woman to whom Prince Harry lost his virginity, with the latter saying she described the episode as “literally wham-bam between two friends”.

The Sunday Mirror  reports that a Conservative MP’s housekeeper claimed she was treated like a slave, suffered insults, was reduced to tears and had to take legal action against the politician’s wife to get paid.

Doctors have warned that a decision to drop a long-term cancer strategy could mean thousands of lives are at risk, according to the Sunday Express.

The Sunday Times states that PM Rishi Sunak is prepared to take Britain out of the European Convention on Human Rights over his plans to tackle illegal immigration.

The Daily Star Sunday reports that police had to attend the scene as a mob gathered outside the bail hostel where freed pop paedophile Gary Glitter is staying.

And The Independent carries “shocking accounts” by Home Office staff and private contractors of asylum seekers being handcuffed and restrained after self-harming while being held at the Manston migrant processing centre in Kent.