Keir we go – the newspaper front pages

While the votes are still being tallied, all signs are pointing to a home run for the Labour Party, with the story dominating Friday’s front pages.

The exit poll and the majority of British newspapers — the iThe Times, the Independent, the Daily Mail, and the Daily Telegraph, to be exact — all say the same thing: Labour is on course for a “landslide” victory.

The front page of The Guardian reports that Sir Keir Starmer is on course to enter Number 10 if the exit poll findings are to be believed.

The Daily Mirror looks beyond the vote to the seemingly likely Labour government of tomorrow with: “Keir we go.”

The Metro used a pun to report on the result, dubbing the Labour leader “Keir Stormer” as he storms towards the finish line to become Prime Minister.

The Sun uses a simple phrase to sum up voter sentiment and the likely change of government: “Britain sees red.”

The Daily Express describes the “election wipeout” as a “crushing blow” for the Conservatives, as numbers suggest Labour will form government with a majority of 170.

Lastly, the Daily Star has dedicated its front page to recounting its favourite moments from the last 14 years of a Conservative government.