What the papers say – June 6

A battle between the Prime Minister and House of Lords over the migrant crisis, Labour’s green energy plan, the Duke of Sussex’s no-show in court and delays to the UK Covid-19 Inquiry lead Tuesday’s newspapers.

The Daily Express and The Daily Telegraph carry the latest on the small boats saga with the latter reporting Rishi Sunak has indicated he is willing to defy the House of Lords and force his proposed law through Parliament.

Labour’s green energy plans will drive up mortgage rates, Tory ministers have said, according to the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mirror reports that a mother whose 10-year-old son was killed by a dog will make a “heartfelt plea to MPs today to introduce the Jack Lis Law so no other mother endures the heartbreak and trauma of losing a child to a dog attack”.

The i says the bereaved families of those who died from Covid have hit out at the official inquiry for investigation delays.

The Duke of Sussex has annoyed the judge in his legal battle with the Mirror Group because he was unavailable to appear in court as he was celebrating his daughter’s birthday, Metro reports.

The Financial Times carries the hacking of tens of thousands of British employees by a cyber gang.

Mr Sunak has been accused of being “afraid of trains” after taking another chopper to deliver a migrant speech an hour away in Dover, the Daily Star says.

And The Sun says Taylor Swift has broken up with Matty Healy.