Dressing Down! Stop Wearing Pyjamas On The School Run, Head Tells Parents


Pupils aren’t the only ones susceptible to a scolding from their headteacher - sometimes parents can be naughty too.

The head of a primary school in Darlington has written to mums and dads to warn them not to drop off their children while wearing pyjamas.

Kate Chisholm, headteacher at Skerne Park Academy, asked parents to get dressed in future before setting off on the school run.

She made the appeal after noticing an increase in the number of parents wearing pyjamas at the school gates in the morning.


She wrote: “I have noticed there has been an increasing tendency for parents to escort children to and from school while still wearing their pyjamas and, on occasion, even slippers.

“Could I please ask that when you are escorting your children, you take the time to dress appropriately in day wear that is suitable for the weather conditions?”

She wrote that it was important for parents to set a good example to their children.


Head teacher Katie Chisholm from Skerne Park Primary, Darlington (SWNS)

Ms Chisholm said there had been a positive response to the letter.

“We are trying to raise standards and get better outcomes for the children and we noticed a lot of the parents are turning up to school as well as meetings and assemblies wearing pyjamas,” she said.

“If we’re to raise standards it’s not too much to ask parents to have a wash and get dressed.


“I have had loads of support from the community and people saying it’s about time something was done. I have had far more positive responses than negative.”

Phil Naylor, a parent who has children at the school, said: “We all support the school and I hope this helps get the message across to parents.

“It’s disgraceful, we should be guiding our children not giving them bad habits.”

(Pictures: Rex/PA/SWNS)