Paris Hilton calls out ‘haters’ who claim she’s not playing live during DJ set

Paris Hilton had a suitably sassy response to audience members who accused her of not playing live during a DJ set.

The reality TV star and socialite first began DJing more than 10 years ago, and works with musicians such as Diplo, Martin Garrix and Zedd on her remixes.

She is reportedly the highest-paid female DJ in the world.

On Saturday (19 August), Hilton, 42, released a clip to TikTok from a recent DJ set at Tomorrowland, an EDM (electronic dance music) festival that took place in Belgium in July.

In the video, Hilton is seen playing to the rain-soaked crowds when she decided to address two members of the audience.

“This is dedicated to the two haters at the front holding signs up saying I’m not playing live,” Hilton said, prompting cheers from the crowd. “‘Cause honey, yes I f***ing am.”

She continued: “Sorry I’m a girl, I’m hot, I’m blonde. We can do everything. Go hate on someone else,” before dropping the next track.

The clip was praised by fans, with one even suggesting Hilton should mix her speech into her set.

Hilton is the world’s ‘highest paid female DJ' (Getty Images for Spotify)
Hilton is the world’s ‘highest paid female DJ' (Getty Images for Spotify)

“Yas I love this idea,” she replied.

“She is literally DJ Barbie don’t play with Paris,” another commenter wrote.

“This Barbie is a DJ,” another echoed.

“OK but why is this making me feel so full of joy?” one TikTok user commented. “I mean Paris Hilton? ICON.”

Earlier this year, Hilton released her first memoir, in which she spoke in further depth about her “insane and horrific” experience at “troubled teen” facilities and boarding schools.

Appearing on The View in March, Hilton opened up about her DJ career, saying: “I love music, but more, I just feel that when I was [at boarding school], they were constantly telling me I would never make anything of my life.

Hilton hinted she may mix speech into future DJ sets (TikTok)
Hilton hinted she may mix speech into future DJ sets (TikTok)

“So I always love proving people wrong, and I feel so blessed that I get to do what I love.”

Speaking to The Independent ahead of the memoir’s release, Hilton recalled her teenage years at the institutions: “When I got out, I made a promise to myself that I was never going to tell anyone what happened.

“I was never going to bring it up. I didn’t want it to be part of my story. I thought no one would believe me unless they actually experienced it themselves, because the things happening in those places were so insane and horrific.”

She continued: “When you’re hurt by someone, you hold on to that shame. But it should never be on you. The shame should be on the person that hurt you. I wish I knew that when I was a teenager.”