Paris street littered with discarded mattresses due to bedbug epidemic

A street in Paris has been littered with discarded mattresses in the midst of the "bedbug epidemic". The video recorded on October 6 shows mattresses lying on the pavement of Rue Saint Lazare, in Paris' 9th district. They are piled high on both sides of the road in front of a hotel, "Hotel Langlois", some covered in plastic. According to Aarya Bondge, 18, who recorded the video, some were clean and some were dirty, suggesting a possible clear out. Aarya, a fashion student at a nearby university, ESMOD, was returning home from a lecture when she captured the footage. She believes the mattresses came from a nearby hotel. She said: "Some of them were clean and some were dirty, so my brain immediately went to bedbugs. "There are a lot of hotels nearby, so I don't know which one they were from. "I did see people doing some loading and unloading in a hotel, just mattresses. "I don't know if it was bedbugs, but they might have been throwing out their mattresses because of that." Aarya says Paris is still reeling from the epidemic and has not yet returned to normal. "Line six of the metro is still terrible, people are standing up to avoid the seats, even I would still rather stand for an hour than touch the seats."