Park wardens in Kansas urge people not to fish with guns

Park wardens in the US state of Kansas have urged people not to fish with guns. 

They also highlighted the dangers of firing bullets into bodies of water.

The warning, issued on the Facebook page of Kansas Wildlife and Parks Game Wardens, came after officials seized a 9mm handgun that was being used to take fish in Finney County on 2 May.

"As a reminder firearms are not a legal means to take fish," the warning read.

"Also, non-sport fish may be taken only with fishing pole and line, trotlines, setlines, gig, crossbow or bow and arrow with a line attached."

The wardens added that "shooting at a body of water can be a dangerous activity because bullets can ricochet off the surface of the water".

Alongside the warning on social media, Kansas Wildlife and Parks Game Wardens posted a picture of a handgun and bullets that had been seized.