Parking firm told Bristol Airport travellers to 'stick your money up your f****** a**'

Outside Bristol Airport
Outside Bristol Airport -Credit:Getty Images

A couple were reportedly told to “stick your money up your f****** a**” by a car parking firm after they were left stranded at the airport waiting more than an hour for their vehicle. Kelly Morgan-Adam and her husband Mark used a comparison site to book and pay £71.94 for Meet & Greet Airport Parking Bristol to take their car from the airport and return a week later.

The couple left their car with the company on March 22 before they flew off to Egypt for their holiday. Upon their return to Bristol Airport on March 29, Kelly and Mark waited an hour for their car and were told by the driver to pay £20 for reportedly being 12 hours late.

Believing they had originally given the correct arrival time, the pair declined to pay the charge and drove away. Kelly then claimed to have three phone calls from the boss at the firm who reportedly said: “f*** you, f*** your husband and stick your money up your f****** a**".

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Bristol Live approached the firm for a comment but did not receive a response. Kelly, a psychiatric nurse from Gloucester, said the problems started when she noticed their car couldn’t be collected in the drop-off area.

Kelly recalled: “We had to go into the short-stay car park and we didn’t question it and they came and picked up the car. We didn’t realise they (Bristol Airport) were doing work at the airport and it was a long walk to departures.

“They (Bristol Airport Meet and Greet) told us to give them a call when we were in arrivals. A week later, I phoned them to say we had landed.

“It was midnight, cold, I was tired and it took a while for them to answer but eventually a person picked up and they asked us to wait and they said it would be 45 minutes.

“I said ‘You’re kidding me’. My husband said no chance as it’s supposed to be meet and greet.”

The pair spoke with another couple who were waiting for their vehicle with the same firm, who had reported similar issues. The driver arrived with Kelly and Mark’s vehicle and informed them that they were 12 hours late and requested an additional £20 charge.

Kelly disputed this charge, but the driver showed them a screenshot of a supposed arrival of 11.45am, not 11.45pm. Kelly explained that 11.45am was the time they had originally flown from Bristol Airport a week ago.

Kelly said: “The young man was on the phone with his boss and we said there’s no way we were late. We knew our flight times (from Egypt and arrival at Bristol Airport) and he was talking about the flight time in the morning. I said we had waited an hour for our car when it is supposed to be a meet and greet parking firm. The man on the phone threatened us with bailiffs if we didn’t pay.”

Cold, tired and frustrated at 1am, Kelly and Mark asked for the car keys and left Bristol Airport to drive back home. But they received more calls asking them to pay the £20 charge.

“He was getting angry at me. He proceeded to say we will never be able to park at Bristol Airport again," Kelly recalled.

“I also told him we didn’t have an email from them, but just had a time and drop-off procedure. We continued talking but eventually, he said ‘f*** you, f*** your husband and stick your money up your f****** a**’. We were absolutely disgusted.”

Kelly said she did not have any further correspondence with the boss or any other figures from the firm. The pair were left appalled by the whole experience which left them more cautious about booking third-party parking firms or parking around Bristol Airport.

In a message to other travellers, she said: “With this firm, they are doing it so cheap that people are lured in. We used to pay to park at the airport or go with another firm.

“I think people should just to be very wary. Not everyone looks on Trustpilot and I have looked on this car park firm’s page and seen some bad reviews.

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“I don't want others to get ripped off and treated so badly - especially if it was an elderly person or they were vulnerable.”

We approached Meet & Greet Airport Parking Bristol for a comment, but did not receive a response. The firm states there is "no transfer time" for a "special cheap price". Its Terms and Conditions are also only "provided on request".

The description reads: "Chauffeur will meet you at the terminal building at the designated area to collect your car. When you return from your trip our chauffeur returns your car to you at the terminal.

"On your return, your car is only a phone call away and will be delivered back to the terminal for your convenience."

The firm, also known on other sites as Meet & Greet Airport Parking Bristol, only appears to have positive reviews on comparison websites, but further investigations found multiple negative reviews on its Trustpilot page. Some reviewers claimed the same firm caused other motorists to receive parking charge notices, cars in untidy condition and poor customer service.

One negative review reads: “Rude staff with absolutely disgusting telephone manner. Not helpful at all.

“They do not drop you off and after paying to park you still have to pay £6 for them to leave the carpark and then another £6 when they bring the car back!”