Parks and green spaces in Newcastle city centre to become wildflower havens during 'No Mow May'

Newcastle City Council and Urban Green unite to support 'No Mow May' and encourage the growth of wildflowers.
Newcastle City Council and Urban Green unite to support 'No Mow May' and encourage the growth of wildflowers. -Credit:Newcastle City Council

Parks and green spaces across Newcastle are set to become wildflowers havens for bees and butterflies.

Newcastle City Council and Urban Green have united to support the 'No Mow May' campaign, which involves encouraging the growth of wildflowers by not cutting the grass throughout the month.

Insects play a crucial role in the ecosystem, helping to pollinate plants, fruits and vegetables and ensure the environment is healthy and thrives. This is why conservation charity Plantlife are once again holding this initiative.

To support the campaign, grass throughout 33 of the city’s parks managed by Urban Green Newcastle will be left to grow freely throughout May. Wildflower verges on paths and roads across the city will also not be cut.

Barbara Hooper, director of parks at Urban Green Newcastle, said: "Following feedback from our Urban Green Connect community engagement panel and from local communities in Newcastle, we will be celebrating No Mow May this year under the banner, ‘Let it Grow’; a title that captures our shared ambition to see more grassy areas in the city left free to grow longer for the benefit of nature and wildlife.

"By relaxing the grass cutting in Newcastle’s parks this May, we’re giving native species the chance to flourish and support the delicate ecosystems that exist in our green spaces. Let It Grow is about showing how our cities can provide a vital resource for our threatened wildlife.

"Wilder areas in our parks aren’t neglected or overgrown, they’re actually important nature sanctuaries that help pollinators, small mammals and their habitats to thrive."

Coun Marion Williams, Cabinet member for the environment at Newcastle City Council, added: "We’re proud to be supporting Let it Grow, Newcastle’s contribution to the No Mow May campaign, as it’s really important we do everything we can to boost biodiversity and help nature to thrive.

"A healthy lawn or verge with long grass and wildflowers is not only a valuable source of nectar for our bees and butterflies, but it also supports our efforts to tackle climate change. We’re committed to protecting and enhancing our green spaces and by not mowing lawns during May we can help make our city a greener and healthier place for our residents and wildlife."

For more information on No Mow May and how you can get involved, visit the Plantlife website here.