Partially Blind Dog Finds Loving Home After Being Abandoned Twice: 'He Is the Sweetest and Most Loving'

"He deserves all of the spoils he receives," said Tony, owner of the 8-year-old canine named Brutus

<p>Ruff Start Rescue</p> Brutus and his owner Tony

Ruff Start Rescue

Brutus and his owner Tony

A partially blind dog has found his fur-ever home after being abandoned twice.

Back in November, the Ruff Start Rescue in Minnesota shared a post on Facebook in which it said that they found the 8-year-old canine, named Brutus, "in an area notorious for abandoned animals."

Detailing that Brutus "was a skeletal figure, wrapping himself in leaves for warmth," the organization rescued the pup and nursed him back to health.

Then, earlier this month, the Ruff Start Rescue announced in a follow-up social media post that Brutus had been adopted.

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<p>Ruff Start Rescue</p> Brutus

Ruff Start Rescue


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In a statement obtained by PEOPLE, Brutus' owner, Tony, detailed why the pup was a perfect match for him.

"I had been looking at dogs for about a year after my last dog passed from cancer in 2021. I met a couple pups, but didn't feel a strong connection. Then in February, I came across Brutus' page and he just melted my heart with those eyes," he said.

"But what really sold me on wanting to adopt him was that he was vision impaired. My last dog, Stella Blue, was diagnosed with progressive retinal atrophy and gradually lost her sight, ultimately going completely blind the last two years of her life," Tony continued. "Reading that Brutus also had vision issues just added to the package."

He added, "I love him because of it, not despite it. I feel it's another obstacle that he proved he was able to overcome and showcase his immense resiliency."

<p>Ruff Start Rescue</p> Brutus

Ruff Start Rescue


According to Tony, Brutus has since adapted to his new home, and he said the change "couldn't have gone better."

"He has settled in beautifully, learned the layout of my apartment in about an hour and a half, and has taken nicely to our routine during the work week," he explained of Brutus. "He is arguably the neediest dog I've ever met, but that's not a knock against him."

"He is the sweetest and most loving dog. He just wants the attention and I feel he did not receive the love he deserved before being rescued and then adopted," continued Tony.

"He is my affectionately named blockheaded shadow. He'll either put his paws on my lap or crawl onto my lap whenever he feels there's an opportunity, which is any time he deems necessary — a literal lap dog," the proud pet owner added.

<p>Ruff Start Rescue</p> Brutus

Ruff Start Rescue


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Looking ahead, Tony, who works as a school counselor, wants Brutus to serve as a therapy dog for his students.

"He has the demeanor and gentleness, but we have quite a bit of work to do with walking on a leash and not following every single scent trail he picks up," Tony playfully joked of Brutus.

Reflecting on welcoming Brutus into his family after previously losing a pet, Tony said, "I never expected to connect with or fall in love with a dog so fast, let alone at all after Stella Blue passed, but he made it so easy."

"I'm so amazed that despite the turmoil he has experienced in his life, that he is still so trusting and loving. He deserves all of the spoils he receives and I'm committed to making sure the second half of his life is as good as it possibly can be," Tony added.

"I feel so incredibly lucky to have found him and I'm so thankful to everyone at Ruff Start who has worked with me over the past couple years, but most importantly, for all of the love and care they heaped on Brutus and making it possible for him to have a second chance."

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