Partick Thistle Cause Stir With New Mascot Kingsley Who ‘Looks Like Lisa Simpson On Drugs’

Lisa Simpson is trending on Twitter. But it isn’t because the creators of The Simpsons have decided to kill her off in an upcoming episodes.

No, it’s because a Scottish football team has done the job for them.

Partick Thistle FC, who play in the Scottish Premiership, unveiled their new club mascot today. And the internet went into meltdown.

Instantly the most frightening mascot in football – or sports – history, Partick’s new representative is yellow and disturbing.

The new mascot, called Kingsley, sort of resembles Lisa Simpson, if Lisa Simpson removed her eyeballs, most of her teeth and grew a monobrow.

Some on social media went a little further than that, asking if Lisa had developed some sort of drug problem from running around with the wrong crowd in Springfield.

Kingsley replaces Partick’s previous mascot, Jaggy McBee, an altogether more cuddly incarnation, even though he was a giant bee that might sting you.

The new mascot was created by Devon-based artist David Shrigley, who has been nominated for the Turner Prize, although not for Kingsley. Well… not yet.

The mascot is the result of a new sponsorship deal Partick have secured with US investment firm Kingsland Capital.

The deal also involves shirt sponsorship, which means Kingsley is set to appear in some shape or form on the team’s jerseys.

Unless, of course, the whole thing is just one big hoax. We really hope it isn’t.

(Picture credit: @ThistleTweet / Partick Thistle FC / Twitter)

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