All the parts of UK set for 21C Iberian mini-heatwave with 14 places hit

All the parts of England set to roast in a 21C Iberian blast have been revealed. The balmy weather front is predicted for Britain from Africa by Tuesday, April 30 before cooling down by Thursday, May 2 as the fourth month of the year ends in style.

An Iberian plume is a weather pattern in which a mass of warm air moves from the Iberian plateau or the Sahara to northwestern Europe, which includes the UK. Jim Dale, who is a senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, explained: “Well it’s not home and hosed just yet but the trend is moving into position.

“Iberian or African plumes are behind the times when the UK does receive much above average temperatures. Iberia has already witnessed record temperatures for the time of year and before long I’ve no doubt we will join the global throng of countries that have seen or are seeing record or near record temperatures.”

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He added: “We will not be immune and late April/early May could well deliver that.” The maps and charts, projected by WX Charts, using Met Desk data, have been backed up by Netweather TV in its own forecast outlooj.

Netweather says the mercury will hit 18C in Scotland and York, as well as 20C in Liverpool, Dartford and Peterborough. 19C highs are expected in Doncaster, Nottingham, Slough and Diffield, while London is hottest at 21C.

Norwich will see 19C alongside Worthing, Portsmouth and Eastbourne. Met Office Meteorologist and Presenter Alex Deakin said: “If you’ve been training hard for the London Marathon, you’ve probably been training in the rain and under the influence of low pressure. Our weather patterns are shifting this weekend and high pressure moving in will bring many of us a fine day on Saturday.

“That high sticks around on Sunday for the big race but it starts to edge back a bit further west which means there will be a bit of a northerly breeze in the southeast and quite a bit of cloud around as well.”