'Party of Islam' has bid to become new UK political party rejected

The would-be party's application 'did not meet the requirements set out in electoral law', regulators said.

Male hand inserting ballot
The Electoral Commission said the party did not set out its structure and organisation properly. (Getty Images)

An application to register a new 'Party of Islam' in the UK has been rejected by the Electoral Commission.

The independent body, which regulates election standards, said the would-be party's proposals "did not meet the requirements set out in electoral law".

A commission spokesperson told Yahoo News: "We refused the application as their proposed constitution did not satisfactorily set out the structure and organisation of the party.

"Their proposed financial scheme did not meet the requirements set out in electoral law. Their application form was also non-complaint with electoral law. They have not been registered as a political party."

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On Saturday, the Express reported that an application had been made earlier this month and published on the Electoral Commission's website on 18 October.

In its description, the Party of Islam said it promises to “help all of the minority in the land of Great Britain have a voice”, adding: “We will make sure that all problems which linger [sic] in the great country of Great Britain is defeated.”

A proposed emblem for the party showed a star and crescent in a black circle over a grey backdrop, bearing the message: "Party of Islam – Freedom is a Must."

When asked why the application is no longer on its website, the commission told Yahoo News: "While we are considering an application, their identity marks are posted on our website for public comment.

"Once a decision on an application is made, they are taken down."