Partygate: All The Best Sue Gray Report Memes To Entertain You As We Wait

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Sue Gray's report is becoming a pivotal part of Partygate (Photo: GOV.UK via PA Media)
Sue Gray's report is becoming a pivotal part of Partygate (Photo: GOV.UK via PA Media)

It seems the whole UK is eagerly waiting for Sue Gray’s report into Downing Street’s partygate – meaning the internet is now rammed with jokes about the national anticipation.

Gray, a senior civil servant, was tasked by the prime minister to look into the parties alleged to have taken place in Downing Street throughout lockdown.

Her findings are set to be released any day now after a flurry of contradicting reports about whether or not it would be delayed any further.

It’s believed evidence she passed to the police triggered the Met’s new investigation into “a number” of the reported gatherings.

Once her findings are sent to Downing Street, the prime minister has committed to publishing the complete report and then standing before the Commons to give a full statement on its conclusions.

Gray’s report could also turn out to be the tipping point for many Tory backbenchers who are on the fence about ousting Boris Johnson.

The government has repeatedly deferred any probing questions about various Downing Street parties to Gray’s report as well, putting even more pressure on its publication.

Here’s a roundup of all the jokes which perfectly capture how everyone is waiting for what could be the final chapter of the two-month Partygate saga.

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