Passengers Evacuated From Glasgow Airport During 'Police Incident'

Glasgow Airport said passengers were moved out of the terminal building to a covered car park early on Monday, December 5, in what it said was an “ongoing police incident”.

Footage from Bryan Long, who was travelling from Glasgow to Dublin, shows the police presence at the airport, and passengers being ushered to the car park. People can be seen in the footage wearing emergency blankets to keep warm.

Glasgow Airport tweeted that passengers were moved to the car park outside the terminal, and that airport officials were liaising with Police Scotland on site.

According to The Scotsman, there was concern around a suspicious item in a passenger’s bag.

Bryan Long, in his latest tweet, said some passengers were at a Holiday Inn awaiting updates. Credit: Bryan Long via Storyful

Video transcript


- Excuse me? Excuse me?

- They were waiting, because people were waiting for them to open. [INAUDIBLE]

- Please, just go back. Go towards the car park.


- [INAUDIBLE] on the bus--

- Will you get my black coat, babe? From your-- I'm cold.


- OK, everybody, as quiet as you can [INAUDIBLE].


- Anywhere, like, over here?