Pat Sajak Had A 6-Word Response After Retiring From Wheel Of Fortune. Ryan Seacrest Had More To Say

 Pat Sajak laughs as he hosts Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.
Pat Sajak laughs as he hosts Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

Pat Sajak has officially signed off of Wheel of Fortune, bringing an end to his 41-year career as one of the greatest game show hosts of all time. His goodbye tour was peppered with flashbacks and memories to celebrate Sajak on his way out, culminating in an emotional tribute from Vanna White on the season’s penultimate episode and then an even more heart-wrenching farewell from the host himself on his final night. Afterward he had one last sentiment he wanted to be sure to get across, sharing just six words on social media, while his replacement Ryan Seacrest had a lot more on his mind.

Pat Sajak’s Six-Word Address After Wheel Of Fortune Exit

It marked the end of an era when Pat Sajak addressed the audience at the end of the June 7 episode, reflecting on what made Wheel of Fortune one of the best game shows of all time. Just in case it wasn’t clear then how privileged he felt to have been a part of it for so long, the retired host fired up his X (Twitter) account to share one last message:

It’s not lost on Pat Sajak how significant the past four decades have been, as his final farewell speech on the show also included a huge thank you to the audience for allowing him into their homes each night to enjoy a “safe place” with no politics or social issues to argue over. Just a game that can be enjoyed by people of every age.

Now that Pat Sajak has officially retired to his crossword puzzles and a Columbo play, Ryan Seacrest picks up the reins, and he also had something to say.

Ryan Seacrest Pays Tribute To Pat Sajak After Retirement

Ahead of the Wheel of Fortune season that just concluded, Ryan Seacrest was announced as the choice to succeed Pat Sajak. As Sajak’s final episodes played out, Seacrest was already filming promos with Vanna White, and we’ll get to see him make his debut when the game show returns to the 2024 TV schedule in September. Before that happens, however, Seacrest had to pay tribute to the man whose large shoes he’s about to step into. He wrote on X:

Ryan Seacrest has held several big hosting jobs before this, including American Idol and Live with Kelly and Ryan, but following Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune is no small feat. He admitted he feels some pressure, but ultimately he’s excited to get out there with Vanna White and give away some money — which Sajak and White agreed was the best part of their job.

Pat Sajak obviously loved his job, which allowed fans to have fun as well, and viewers followed Ryan Seacrest's lead in thanking Sajak in Twitter comments that included:

  • It’s not every person that gets to say they are loved by many generations of Americans. You sir are a national treasure. Thank YOU! – TheCriticalDri1

  • Before you go Pat I would like to buy a vowel please… D_n’t G_ Congratulations, enjoy your retirement and thank you. – AskMeLaterOn

  • Thank you, Pat! Enjoy retirement Pat you will be missed and will forever be etched into the books as an American icon! 🤩 – KCPayTreeIt

  • This man has been on my TV since I was born. Four decades in television is an incredible achievement. Thanks for the memories, Pat. – itsthejoeshow

  • I can’t believe we’ve reached Pat Sajak’s last Wheel of Fortune show. I’d like to buy a vowel. ‘E’ tor end of an era. #ThankYouPat – smFISHMAN

I couldn't agree with the above sentiments more. While it's going to be exciting to see what Ryan Seacrest brings to the show this fall, we will all certainly miss Pat Sajak.