‘Fit and healthy’ boy, 7, died after collapsing in classroom of cardiac arrest

Patryk Milner, 7, died after collapsing in a school classroom. (Reach)
Patryk Milner, 7, died after collapsing in a school classroom. (Reach)

A “fit and healthy” schoolboy died after he collapsed in the classroom and suffered a cardiac arrest, an inquest has heard.

Patryk Milner, 7, from Sandbach, Cheshire, collapsed at around 9.50am on 30 September 2020 when the first lesson of the day at Offley Primary Academy was finishing.

His teacher David Ellis carried out CPR with the aid of other staff members before paramedics arrived.

Patryk was taken to Leighton Hospital before he was transferred to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

They managed to restart his circulation but he’d been in cardiac arrest for 40 minutes and the damage caused to his brain was too severe.

He died at Alder Hey on 2 October - 36 hours after he was transferred, with medics describing him as "unresponsive" and scans showing he suffered a severe cerebral edema.

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Patryk's mum Aggie said he was a “healthy and fit child” who loved sport. (Reach)
Patryk's mum Aggie said he was a 'healthy and fit child' who loved sport. (Reach)

During an inquest held at Warrington Coroner's Court on Tuesday, senior coroner for Cheshire Alan Moore gave a conclusion of natural causes, with a medical cause of death as sudden cardiac dysrhythmia, which had not been diagnosed.

In a statement read out by Mr Moore, Patryk's mum Agnieszka (Aggie) said he was a “healthy and fit child” who loved sport and had no known persistent underlying conditions.

She said he had been suffering from a sore throat from 20 September, diagnosed as a mild form of laryngitis and required no medication.

His throat was still sore on 30 September, but as he had no other symptoms or issues, he was able to attend school.

Aggie said: "Andrew (Patryk's dad) and I are totally devastated by the unexpected and sudden loss of our son.

"No parent ever expects to be in this position."

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Describing what happened in the classroom, teacher Mr Ellis said: "I went over to him and I was worried he was about to faint.

“I lowered him off the desk, off his chair, and onto the floor. I put my hand on his chest and felt his heart was pounding."

Mr Ellis, who was on his first day at the school, added he asked the pupils to move the table away to give Patryk space before he asked some of them to go to the office to tell them he “required immediate assistance”.

He put Patryk in the recovery position before other staff members arrived to help with CPR and the ambulance was called using the classroom phone.

The school's automated external defibrillator (AED) was brought and attached to Patryk, but after it analysed his heart, the device said a shock was not needed and to continue CPR.

Patryk Miner died at Alder Hey. (Reach)
Patryk Miner died at Alder Hey. (Reach)

Dr George Kokai, who carried out the post-mortem examination, initially concluded the medical cause of death was “unascertained” but later changed his mind after evidence from Dr Michael Bowes, a consultant paediatric electrophysiologist who specialises in heart conditions in children.

Dr Bowes said it was “more likely than not” that Patryk died as a result of an undiagnosed cardiac dysrhythmia, which could possibly have been genetic.

After recording his conclusion of natural causes, Mr Moore said: "Losing Patryk must have been utterly heartbreaking. I have no words, I can't imagine what that must have been like for you all. I give you my sincere condolences.

"I want to commend the family for their courage and dignity not just today but throughout, since Patryk's death."

He also paid tribute to Patryk and his family for their bravery in donating his organs, which Andy previously said had given three children 'the gift of life'.

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