Paul Gascoigne Reveals He Died In Rehab

Paul Gascoigne appeared on Good Morning Britain earlier today to talk about his battle with alcoholism, even admitting that he once died whilst in rehab after being denied booze.

Thankfully doctors were on hand and he was able to be resuscitated.

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, Gazza explained: “You mention the rehabs there. I’ve been in for Red Bull, for Calpol, I’ve been in for no reason sometimes you know. I’ve only been in rehab seriously three times for the drink.

"Last time was three years ago in that was in Cottonwood where I passed away apparently, erm I thought that would be enough. Some people get it quite early and get the addiction in hand, sometimes fear a bit.”

The former footballer worried fans when he was spotted carrying a bottle of alcohol and covered in cuts earlier this year, with the star suffering his first relapse in eleven months.

He went on to add to the show’s hosts that his battle is so bad that it was the norm for him to get texts from his pals checking if he was still alive.

Paul shared: “It’s funny, cos I get texts saying ‘Gazza - are you dead?’ When I’m actually in it I don’t realise how bad I actually am.”

Thankfully the star is now getting all of the support that he needs, explaining: “The Providence Projects.

“The support I get from them is fantastic and sometimes I feel embarrassed getting the support because there’s people who aren’t fortunate that live on the streets with my illness and they don’t really get the support, so sometimes to help myself I go and help another person.

"Every day I try and do three good deeds, if it’s giving someone a fiver, a pack of cigarettes you know - even a little sandwich.”

Needless to say, we couldn’t be more pleased to hear that Gazza is doing so well and we hope that he continues on this path.