Paul McCartney spotted smoking with fans in Jamaica

He was accompanied by his daughter Stella

Musician Paul McCartney attends the British premiere of ''If These Walls Could Sing
Paul McCartney was spotted smoking in Jamaica. (Reuters)

Paul McCartney has gone viral after a video of him allegedly smoking with fans in Jamaica started circulating on Twitter.

The Beatles legend was accompanied by his daughter Stella as the short clip shows him enjoying a smoke on a handmade cigarette that was passed to him.

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The clip was originally posted by Jamaican singer Blvk H3ro on Instagram but it has since been deleted.

He captioned the post with: "Weed is a celebration. Ps. Mommy always told me weed was bad for me well look now mommy lol weed got me blazing with a Beatle #celebration #beatles."

It's not known whether what McCartney was smoking was weed but the music legend has been open about his enthusiasm for marijuana.

The Beatles were famously introduced to weed by Bob Dylan in the 1960s, writing in his memoir: "We were giggling, laughing at each other. I remember George trying to get away, and I was sort of running after him. It was hilarious, like a cartoon chase.

"We thought, 'Wow, this is pretty amazing, this stuff.' And so it became part of our repertoire from then on."

(Original Caption) Flanked by police officers, handcuffed Paul McCartney, a member of the defunct Beatles pop group, after arrested 1/16 for allegedly bringing in over 200 grams of marijuana into Japan.
Paul McCartney being arrested in Japan for possession of cannabis. (Getty Images)

But McCartney later said he had quit cannabis in 2015 for the benefit of his grandchildren.

Talking to the Mirror, he said: “I don’t do it anymore. Why? The truth is I don’t really want to set an example to my kids and grandkids. It’s now a parent thing.

Back then I was just some guy around London having a ball, and the kids were little so I’d just try and keep it out of their faces.”

OXFORD, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 01:  Paul McCartney smokes a cigarette and cuddles with wife Linda McCartney at a party in 1972 in Oxford, England. on January 01, 1972 in Oxford, England. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)
Paul McCartney smoking a cigarette with wife Linda McCartney at a party in 1972. (Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)

McCartney's drug use has occasionally got him in trouble with the law. He was arrested in Japan in 1980 when customs officials found cannabis in his luggage.

He was forced to spend 10 days in jail before being deported from the country.

Afterwards, he said: "I don't know what possessed me to just stick this bloody great bag of grass in my suitcase. Thinking back on it, it almost makes me shudder."

McCartney has also spoken out in favour of the legalisation of cannabis, saying in the late 90s: "People are smoking pot anyway and to make them criminals is wrong."

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