Paul Walker took away brother's 'unsafe' classic car

Paul Walker took a car away from his brother over safety fears credit:Bang Showbiz
Paul Walker took a car away from his brother over safety fears credit:Bang Showbiz

Paul Walker took away a classic car from his younger brother over fears it wasn't safe enough to drive.

The late ‘Fast and Furious’ actor - who died in a car crash in 2013 - gifted his teenage sibling Cody a 1964 Chevy Nova wagon to celebrate his good grades, but the actor took the vehicle away because he was worried about the brakes.

Cody, now 35, told New York Post column PageSix: "It was my first car - a 1964 Chevy Nova wagon - not fancy at all, it just sounds cool. I was lucky my brother was Paul. He bought me that thing when I was 15-and-a-half. I didn’t even have my driver’s permit.

"Paul got me that car, and then he had second thoughts because it had old school brakes. It was really old school. Drum brakes and old school suspension, and it only had a lap belt. It [did] not have a headrest, and all that safety stuff, nothing like that. Paul thought I was going to kill myself, so he took it."

Cody said Paul had promised to fix up the car for him, but he never got around to it and he went on to share his sadness that the vehicle has since been scrapped.

However, Cody is now on a mission to collect up and parts and get the car back together. He added: "You know it’s sad it’s actually in a million pieces ... A few years after his [Paul's] passing, I got hit up by a family friend that knew where some of the parts were.

"It is literally completely dismantled in one million pieces. It’s [north of Los Angeles]. It really bothers me … It’s got to be done. It’s got to happen. I have to track this car down."

It comes after Cody honoured his late brother by naming his baby son after him.

Cody and his wife Felicia Knox welcomed a little boy last year and they named him Paul Barrett (‘Bear’) Walker. Cody told PEOPLE: "My brother, Paul, was Paul William Walker IV and that name goes back four generations.

“Within the family, he went by ‘Little Paul’ or ‘Paul 4,’ even though he quickly outgrew our father in height. It was important to me to have that name carry on.”