Paula Abdul To Star In Feature-Length Podcast ‘Spacemen From Planet Judy’

EXCLUSIVE: Paula Abdul is among an ensemble cast for a feature-length podcast from Steven Jay Rubin (Bleacher Bums), Billy Riback (Home Improvement) and stand-up comic Bruce Smirnoff.

The American Idol star is starring in Spacemen From Planet Judy alongside Phil Hendrie (Rick and Morty), Hal Rudnick (Reno 911), John Mariano (The Offer) and Eric Waddell (Funny You Should Ask).

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It begins when all of Earth’s gay males, and two straight men dressed in drag because there was a mix-up in their Halloween costumes, are abducted to the distant planet Judy (named after Judy Garland), the gay haven world of the universe, where they will live in freedom without oppression.

Inadvertently kidnapped, bumbling information technology specialists Mitch (Hendrie) and Lenny (Rudnick) find themselves on an exotic world of constant partying, mingling and cuddling, all run by the Golden Ram Man (Mariano), a mad tyrant who abhors insubordination and seeded grapes.

To get off the planet, Mitch and Lenny are helped by an attractive young man named Jeff (Waddell) who is able to spirit them into the Great Judy Desert, where they stumble upon the other culture on Judy, Pleezeentermee, and their voluptuous Amazon-like Queen Sensura (Abdul).

These sex-starved women do without except for once every ten years when the minds of Judy’s inhabitants are chemically altered to help propagate the planet. Informed that the Earthlings have escaped, Ram Man launches a “rescue” operation just as Mitch and Lenny are about to bed down with the first of 20,000 man-hungry Pleezentines. Outraged that these straight men are no longer available for her personal needs, Sensura orders her female cavalry to all-out war. Now it’s up to Mitch, Lenny and Jeff to avert a battle royal between the sexes that reveals Ram Man’s secret plan to destroy the Earth now that all the gay men are safe and sound on Judy.

Greg Binkley (Raising Hope), Mark DeCarlo (Pinocchio), Brian Delate (The Truman Show), Keeshan Giles (The Really Loud House), Sandy Hackett (The Portal), Jann Karam (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Sam Kwazman (Robot Chicken), John Montana (How to Get Away with Murder), Royal Oakes (Good Morning Britain), Lisa Pescia (Body Chemistry) and Tom Stern (The Moon and the Sun) also star.

Produced by Waiting for Good Dough Productions, it comes from Rubin, Riback and Smirnoff, from a script by Rubin, Riback, Smirnoff, Bob Destri Hilgenberg (Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue), and the late Mark Goldstein (Die Hard).

It is set to launch later this fall.

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