Peaky Blinders snub: What were Emmy voters thinking?


The Peaky Blinders aren’t the kind of guys you want to mess with. The people behind the show need to take some pointers off the characters that they bring to life, and plot a plan for some revenge.

Fans are fuming that the Emmys have completely snubbed the British hit for even a single nomination. The Emmys showed no love for Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy or the show itself as an example of outstanding drama. What the hell have they been watching?

Well it seems they’ve been watching a lot of Game of Thrones as the fantasy drama has swept through the nominations with 23 to its name. And that’s fair enough. Game of Thrones is a great show. Few will dare dispute that.

But for Peaky Blinders to be snubbed in every single category is a huge blow for fans of the Birmingham set gangster drama. Peaky Blinders would have some serious competition in the Outstanding Drama category with Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul and Mr Robot among the nominees, but it surely deserved a place. More than that, Cillian Murphy has been robbed of a nomination in the Best Actor in a Drama Series category. Again, tough competition from the likes of Kevin Spacey and Bob Odenkirk, but this is no excuse to not fit Murphy in.

So what’s the problem here? Has Peaky Blinders remained under the radar in America? Is it too violent for the majority of audiences? Does everyone know British actors are by far the best and therefore don’t need any recognition at the Emmys?

Perhaps Peaky Blinders series 3 hit Netflix a little too late in the day for enough voters to have seen it. It landed at the end of May, meaning some serious bingeing would have been required to catch up. Series 2 must have been a distant memory for many voters sadly.

It’s a real shame for this home grown series that seems to be going from strength to strength and racking up a dedicated cult following. Series 3 might not have been the best series, but it did build to a brilliant climax that welcomed Tom Hardy back into the fold and ended on an explosive high.

The performances deserve recognition, if not the entire production team. Emmy nominations or not, Peaky Blinders remains a highlight of British television right now. If you’re not on board yet, get Netflix and begin a binge… by order of the Peaky Blinders!