Pedro Pascal Celebrated Wrapping His Rom-Com With Dakota Johnson And Chris Evans With The Sweetest Photos

 Pedro Pascal, Dakota Johnson, and Chris Evans.
Pedro Pascal, Dakota Johnson, and Chris Evans.

It looks like rom-coms are making a comeback, as Anyone But You became a surprise box office success, and Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine's The Idea of You became the number one rom-com debut for Amazon MGM. Now we have another rom-com to look forward to starring Pedro Pascal, Dakota Johnson and Chris Evans called Materialists. To celebrate the upcoming rom-com being wrapped up, Pascal posted the sweetest photos of him and his budding cast.

Just when you felt Celine Song’s directorial debut Past Lives was an impactful movie of last year, the Canadian director has continued her romantic streak with A24 for Materialists. Now that filming has wrapped up, its star Pedro Pascal has posted a number of sweet photos with the cast that include Dakota Johnson and Chris Evans. Take a look at the adorable Instagram photos below:

The first photo Pedro Pascal posted was a beautiful view of New York City just as the moon rises. Then the next two photos look like the cast was celebrating the end of filming at a nice restaurant. There was a sweet one of Dakota Johnson giving The Last of Us star a cute kiss on the cheek as he smiled at the camera. The final photo showed Chris Evans and his director Celine Song with gentle smiles at the camera.

While it doesn’t look like anyone in the cast commented on the cute photos, A24 showed their support for their next movie by giving a loving comment that you can see below:


I, for one, am experiencing good vibes with Materialists. Based on an on-set photo of Dakota Johnson and Chris Evans moonily gazing into each other’s eyes, you can already see the chemistry between them speaks volumes. One thing that’s interesting about Materialists is that the cast consists of superhero actors, with Evans known for playing Captain America in the MCU, Johnson for starring in Madame Web, and Pedro Pescal for playing Reed Richards in The Fantastic Four. It’s always nice to see actors give different genres a try, and this is especially true if it's a feel-good rom-com.

What we know about Materialists in terms of the reported plot is if follows a professional matchmaker who falls for a rich man, but she enters a love triangle dilemma when a struggling actor from her past comes back into her life. Celine Song’s Past Lives gave audiences a love triangle plot that was a more sad, yet realistic approach, but Materialists reportedly will take a more comedic direction. The rom-com genre may be a first for Pedro Pascal, but I can see him having good working chemistry with Dakota Johnson and Chris Evans with rom-coms not being their first rodeo.

With Materialists having wrapped up filming, Pedro Pascal commemorated the occasion showing us sweet photos of him, Dakota Johnson and Chris Evans. As pictures are said to be worth a thousand words, I can tell already we’ll be all smiles seeing the working chemistry the three will present in the upcoming rom-com. While there’s no release date yet, keep checking in with our 2024 movie releases in case it makes its way there.