Pedro Pascal Details Filming “Unbelievable” Scene in ‘Freaky Tales’: “It Kind of Unnerves You to Realize What You Can Get Away With”

Pedro Pascal shared the perks of being part of an indie production while discussing his film Freaky Tales at The Hollywood Reporter‘s studio during the 2024 Sundance Film Festival on Friday.

The Last of Us actor stars alongside Jay Ellis in the Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden-helmed comedic thriller, in which he returns to his indie roots in his role as Clint, a retiring debt-collecting assassin who fights neo-Nazis.

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“I was really lucky to start my character’s storyline in the first week of shooting and that felt like everything was my favorite [about being part of an indie production], from everybody introducing themselves to the physical shooting of the experience,” said Pascal. “It did feel a lot different from being in overblown projects where you’re kind of just getting into a much more intimate experience and you’re fast-tracking the connection to one another because the elements are us.”

The filmmakers and the film’s stars also shed light into how Fleck and Boden took advantage of having an indie production to create an immersive experience for the actors. Fleck explained that during one of the final scenes shot in a house, Ellis was throwing people upstairs—unbeknownst to Pascal, who was filming on the lower level of the set. “The bodies are flying around and then we’re saying action downstairs and Pedro’s like, ‘What?! There’s bodies flying around. I’m supposed to walk and bodies falling down the stairs.”

Pascal added, “You see it and you can’t believe that this very, very immaculate sequence of action starring Jay Ellis … it was all kind of happening simultaneously while the movie was getting finished [filming in another room]. I sympathize deeply in terms of how challenging that must have been. But the result is unbelievable. It kind of unnerves you to realize what you can get away with.”

Ellis noted that after Pascal realized how the final scenes were being shot, he called Ellis to apologize. “You were like, ‘Dude, I’m so sorry. I had no idea that you were up there doing that while I was out here.’ You had no idea because we were truly separated in the same house. We were fully separated and locked into [our areas] by a flight of stairs.”

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