Penguins cosy together for festive cinema screening at London Aquarium

Barney Davis
·1-min read

Gentoo penguins have been getting into the festive spirit at the London Aquarium with screenings of Christmas film classics during lockdown.

Will Ferrell’s Elf is among the movies that have been shown on a big screen outside the penguin enclosure after staff turned it into an atmosphere cinema.

Workers at the London attraction came up with the idea after it was closed as part of the month-long second national lockdown in England.

And the Gentoo penguins appear to have enjoyed the entertainment, with pictures showing them eagerly gathering around the screen to watch the 2003 comedy hit - which keepers say is a firm favourite.

<p>Penguins watching Christmas movies</p>PA

Penguins watching Christmas movies


“At Sea Life London Aquarium, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to keep all our creatures entertained and engaged, as part of our enrichment processes,” said Leah Pettitt, aquarist at the centre.

Ms Pettitt said 2020 has presented “more challenges than most” in keeping the penguins entertained.

“We’ve had to get creative,” she said.

<p>Elf is a firm favourite for the Gentoos</p>PA

Elf is a firm favourite for the Gentoos


“It’s great to see how much our Gentoo penguins are enjoying the Christmas movies we’ve put on for them.

“We know that they watch and listen to our visitors just as much as the visitors enjoy watching the penguins.

<p>Will Ferrell stars as Buddy the elf in the 2003 classic</p>PA

Will Ferrell stars as Buddy the elf in the 2003 classic


“Whilst they are enjoying these festive films, they’re still, just like us, very much looking forward to our real-life guests returning this week.”

The screenings have been taking place at other Sea Life centres across the UK, while water play has also been used to keep the animals occupied.

The London attraction has been closed since November 5 but is preparing to welcome back visitors tomorrow when London is put into Tier 2.