Pennsylvania Dad Steps In to Sing National Anthem Before High School Soccer Game

A Pennsylvania man attending a high school soccer game stepped up the mark when it looked as though the US national anthem would not be played before kickoff on September 20.

Mark Lux, of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, was in attendance at Trojan Stadium, the home of high school sports for Greater Johnstown High School, and his starring moment was caught on camera by another local, Jayne Lynn.

Lynn shared the moment to Facebook and TikTok, where it had four million views at the time of writing.

She told WJAC that the person who usually plays the anthem was unavailable.

“So, when they announced the anthem wouldn’t be played [Lux] jumped into action, said let’s sing and jumped up and began singing,” Lynn said.

Commenting on Lynn’s post, Lux, whose daughter was playing, said he was “filming the starting line up” when it was announced there would be “no anthem”.

“So I just started singing,” he said, adding that he was so nervous he “totally forgot” to take his hat off. Credit: Jayne Lynn via Storyful

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