Pennsylvania man dies 38 years after mistaken identity baseball bat attack

A man who was beaten with a baseball bat 38 years ago has died, in a case ruled as homicide in the US state of Pennsylvania.

Craig Tschudy died at a care home in Dallastown at the age of 64 on 5 June after suffering a diffuse traumatic brain injury in York, 100 miles west of Philadelphia, when he was 26.

It is believed Mr Tschudy was assaulted in a case of mistaken identity and while city police investigated the attack, they were never able to identify any of the perpetrators, the county coroner's office has said.

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While there haven't been any charges, the case will nonetheless be "ruled a homicide in manner of death as the injuries eventually contributed to Tschudy's death 38 years later, and there is no statute of limitations in coroner cases," York County Coroner's Office said in a statement.

The office added there will not be a post-mortem and Mr Tschudy's next of kin had been informed of his death.