Pennsylvania: Oz says he will heal Pennsylvania on Election night

Mehmet Oz says he believes he will win the key Senate race in Pennsylvania against his Democratic rival, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, as the ballot counts come in on Election night.

Video transcript

MEHMET OZ: We've got the whole family up here. But I want to tell you that I am so proud of all of you. And thank you for your bravery, your commitment, your passion at helping make our country even stronger, even better. God bless you all. [INAUDIBLE].


When all the ballots are counted, we believe we will win this race.


We've been closing the gap all night, and we have a lot more ballots to go. I entered this campaign with Lisa, and we pulled the family into it because we wanted to bring balance to Washington, which is exactly what we're going to do.

As a heart surgeon, I spent my life focused on big problems-- in my case, broken hearts. And we address them, we repair them, we heal them by uniting people together, not dividing them. It's exactly what we're going to do in Washington, right?


I've said to you many times-- I've said to you many times that-- I'm sorry. What's the problem?


MEHMET OZ: Oh, are you not able to hear me?


MEHMET OZ: Have you heard what I said so far?

- Yes!

MEHMET OZ: Just making sure. I have told you many, many times that I believe in you. Traveled all over the Commonwealth to make that message clear. Tonight, you have told me that you believe in me. Together, we will heal Pennsylvania, and we will heal America. God bless you.