People say 60 ingredient smoothie shown in Netflix documentary 'sounds awful'

The smoothie includes 60 plant-based ingredients
The smoothie includes 60 plant-based ingredients -Credit:Netflix

Masses of Netflix viewers can't stop talking about the streaming platform's new documentary because of its 60 ingredient smoothie. Hack Your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut, is a documentary about the way your gut's health contributes to your overall wellbeing.

During the documentary, a woman tried out a 60 ingredient smoothie that includes 60 different foods. From potatoes and Brussel sprouts to blueberries and carrots, the smoothie is said to improve your digestion and gut health when drank everyday.

In the clip, computer scientist Rob Knight explains: "Inspired by our findings, one of my colleagues decided to start drinking smoothies with 60 different kinds of plants a day." The expert says after a few months, his colleague's gut health became much more healthy and diverse compared to how it was when he first started.

Chef Maya Okada Erickson can be seen making the smoothie herself and testing out its taste. While cutting up the fruit and veg, she admits: "My first thought is who has the time to do this."

After taking a sip, she adds: "It's actually not that bad. It's fine. It tastes healthy." Many viewers have been keen to try the smoothie out themselves and have been trying to find the full list online.

On Reddit, viewers shared the original recipe after finding it on Maya's Instagram account. The list of ingredients includes:

  1. water

  2. red lettuce

  3. green lettuce

  4. purple kale

  5. green kale

  6. lacinato kale

  7. carrot top greens

  8. orange carrots

  9. purple carrots

  10. mint

  11. parsley

  12. cilantro

  13. fresh ginger

  14. baby tomatoes

  15. Roma Tomato

  16. radish

  17. carrots

  18. zucchini

  19. avocado

  20. Brussels sprouts

  21. potato

  22. dried goji berries

  23. red grapes

  24. blueberries

  25. banana

  26. dates

  27. fig

  28. apple

  29. pear

  30. persimmon

  31. green grapes

  32. mango

  33. dried apricot

  34. pomegranate

  35. peach

  36. lemon zest

  37. lemon juice

  38. broccoli

  39. squash

  40. guava

  41. sweet potato

  42. russet Potato

  43. Swiss Chard

  44. beetroot

  45. quince

  46. orange

  47. sweet pepper

  48. green pepper

  49. dandelion Greens

  50. Bob's Red Mill Hemp Protein

  51. Manitoba harvest hemp hearts

  52. sprouted pumpkin seeds

  53. Sunfood Supergreens and Protein

  54. flax seeds

  55. Biohm's probiotic super greens

  56. psyllium

  57. Now Fibre 3

  58. Vital whey protein

  59. Garden of Life Organic Fibre

  60. insulin fibre

One Reddit user replied: "POTATO? I haven’t seen the documentary but potato in a smoothie?" A second put: "Probably tastes awful, but I really want to try it just to say I did. Thanks!"

A third added: "60 is a lot. I can’t imagine the effort required to gather 60 different veggies to store and process them for a smoothie. I’m aiming at 30 mixed in as multiple side dishes and morning smoothies."

The cost alone of buying all these ingredients frequently to make the smoothie would be very high, due to majority of the ingredients being fresh. The price of one avocado alone in the UK can cost approximately 65p - and that is just one ingredient out of 60.