People Are Absolutely Revolted And Confused By The Viral "Saltburn" Vinyl

If you've seen Saltburn, then you know about that bathtub scene.

Jacob Elordi in a brown suit and Zachary Quinto in a black leather vest and white shirt. They stand against a backdrop with cast members
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For those who don't know, here's what happens:

A man in a white tank top stands in an old-fashioned bathtub in a dimly lit room, with a rubber duck on the tub's edge
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So, Saltburn just released a vinyl record.

Jacob Elordi and Tom Blyth smile and chat at an event. Jacob wears a brown suit, and Tom wears a black vest over a white shirt
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Here it is:

Twitter: @RyanJamesDee

Yes, that's what you think it is.

Twitter: @andresinparis

Some people are calling it brilliant.

Twitter: @bbkotto

Other people are absolutely repulsed.

Tweet by @LarvaeBaby reads: "i say this as the #1 connoisseur of camp and sleaze, this is fucking disgusting"

Personally, I'm with this person: "I'm so impressed and disgusted at the same time."

Twitter: @MangsAlt

Either way, you gotta admit it's kind of genius!

Twitter: @haleyjadeltn

"Bathtub jizz records" definitely weren't on my 2024 calendar!

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