People back Michael Mosley diet saying they lost 2 stone in 12 weeks

People on a diet promoted by Dr Michael Mosley have said they managed to lose a stone in just 12 weeks. In a new post on Instagram, the healthy eating expert was speaking about his Fast 800 program, after asking for the experiences of people who have tried it.

The Fast 800 diet recommends lower-carb, higher-fat meals packed with essential nutrients, protein and fibre that keep a person feeling fuller for longer, improve blood sugar levels and help you lose weight. It also claims to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

It also involves lots of fasting - starting with a rapid weight loss phase that lasts between two and 12 weeks, during which the person follows a daily 800-calorie eating plan -which is far below the recommended calorie intake. The second stage of the plan involves intermittent fasting, restricting calories to 800 a day for two days of the week, then eating a healthy, low-carb, Mediterranean diet for the remaining five.

For those who manage to keep to it, they have found it does lead to rapid weight loss - which some trying to lose weight before a holiday might find useful. Member Joan was quoted as saying: “I am in week 12 and amazed and delighted by my weight loss of 2 stone 6 lbs so far. After 14 years my blood pressure is normal. My GP is so pleased that I’ve to come off my Meds for a month as a trial. My BMI has reduced from 32.4 to 26.9. I’ve still got a stone to go but have never felt better.”

The Fast 800 also quotes Emma as saying: “In 12 weeks, I lost 6.4kg in total. 5.4cm off my waist, 5cm off my hips, 2cm off my arms and 2cm off my legs. I even took 1-2 days off every week by enjoying some wine and food not on the meal plan and had various holidays with my family.”

People also responded to the post on Instagram, with one user saying: “I’m in week 12 and I’ve lost 2 stone 5 lbs. I feel so much better. I still have a couple of stone to go but I’m feeling well and ready to move to the 5:2 at the end of my 12 weeks- can’t recommend this enough!” Another said: “I went from 17 stone 11 lbs to 14 stone .8 on the 800 diet.”