Joe Biden's Team Posted A TikTok Dissing Donald Trump, And It Completely Backfired For Obvious Reasons

*Sigh* OK. At this point, I'm sure we all know that Joe Biden signed a law giving TikTok's China-based parent company, ByteDance, a year to sell its stake in the company or the app will be banned in the US. The White House sites "legitimate national security concerns with respect to data integrity" as the reason.

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Well, what you may not have known is that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris's campaign has a verified TikTok account with just over 318,000 followers — yes, a TIKTOK ACCOUNT.

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According to campaign officials, their 2024 strategy includes using “every tool we have to reach young voters where they are,” and while they utilize TikTok, they'll be embracing “enhanced security measures,” NBC News reported.

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As you may have predicted, people are not happy with Biden using an app he's trying to ban to gain more votes. This rang especially true earlier this week when the Biden/Harris campaign account participated in a TikTok trend set to rapper Kendrick Lamar's new song, "Euphoria," in which the campaign called out unfavorable actions by former president Donald Trump.

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And while the video was seemingly meant to "diss" Trump for his past words and actions, it backfired. Instead, many pointed out the hypocrisy of using a platform you claim isn't safe and should be banned. Here's what people are saying:

Summarized text: User questions TikTok's use for campaigns vs. national security threat

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Tweet expressing irony about TikTok being insane to get banned after signing up for it

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