People disagree with my Rangers red card defence but there is one reason I won't back down – Kenny Miller

Rangers John Lundstram is sent off for a foul on Celtic’s Alistair Johnston
Rangers John Lundstram is sent off for a foul on Celtic’s Alistair Johnston -Credit:SNS Group

I’ve never liked VAR. I’ve never wavered in my view since we first knew it was going to be introduced in Scottish football.

I know lots of people disagree with me and there were no shortage of them among my fellow pundits on Sky Sports when I made it clear I didn’t think John Lundstram should have been sent off for his challenge on Alistair Johnston. But I’m not going to change my mind or back down. When you slow it down, see the point of contact and throw crazy words like ‘endangering an opponent’ or ‘speed’, it really grates on me. Players have to run fast.

The still pictures are the thing that really infuriates me with VAR. They can make any incident look worse. Football is still a contact sport and sometimes there are going to be mis-timed tackles. Unfortunately we are now dealing with people in charge of VAR who don’t appreciate or understand that.

Had there been no VAR, Lundstram would have received the yellow card and no-one would have thought much more about it. It was a really good game, one I was enjoying.

But as soon as that happens, it changes the whole dynamic of the game. I felt Willie Collum got most things right, including booking Lundstram.

But when he got called to the screen by VAR, he had a different image in front of him. I didn’t think he should have been called to the monitor for the penalty he awarded for Mohamed Diomande’s challenge on Matt O’Riley.

He was strong enough to stand by his decision on that one. But I’d much rather we went back to refs being able to make their own decisions all the time.