People Are Just Realising The Voice Behind Ghostface In Scream And I’m Stunned

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The first time I watched Scream, I remember thinking that Ghostface’s voice was vaguely familiar.

Until recently, I figured that this was my very own Mandela Effect and I’d made up a memory of his voice at some point. To be clear, I was six years old when the first Scream film was released, so even when I watched it at 12, I hadn’t seen that many shows or films, really.

However, I had actually heard his voice before and it was in one of my favourite shows as a kid.

It was The Powerpuff Girls!

The voice behind Ghostface in Scream

So, that familiar gritty, slightly comical tone actually comes from Roger L. Jackson.

He is a famed voice actor, covering all of the Scream films, a tonne of popular gaming franchises including Call Of Duty and Minecraft but, crucially for my inner child, he was the voice of Mojo Jojo, the flamboyant archenemy of The Powerpuff Girls!

Speaking at a Comic Con in 2019, he was asked which voice he’s requested to do on-demand by fans and he said, in Mojo’s voice, of course: “Mojo! Because people like that funny guy in the mask but people REALLY LOVE a Mojo, and I’m very happy they do!”

He went on to explain that the daughter of his co-star who played the professor was devastated for Mojo Jojo after the episode aired revealing that The Powerpuff Girls were accidentally created by Mojo.

He said this was the “biggest compliment” he’d ever had.


Most recently, Jackson voiced a character in video game Starfield and Ghostface again in Mortal Kombat.

The voice actor has played a whopping 274 roles in his acting career, according to IMDB.

What a guy.