People will be naked in their gardens this Saturday for unusual annual celebration

As spring blossoms, it's not just the flowers that will be baring all.

Gardeners across the nation are gearing up to ditch their dungarees for World Naked Gardening Day. This Saturday (May 4), horticulture enthusiasts will be getting back to nature in the buff, celebrating the joys of gardening au naturel.

The event has clearly captured the public's imagination, with a staggering 211% surge in online searches for 'naked gardening' over the past month. Eflorist, the flower delivery experts, chatted with counsellor Georgina Sturmer about the bare facts.


She explained the potential benefits of nudity for boosting body positivity and mental health.

Georgina Sturmer remarked: "In our daily lives, clothing generally isn't an optional extra, and our clothing choices are often determined or constrained by the environment that we are in, and the people who we are with. When we are naked, we are literally shedding a layer of clothing, but we are also shedding something metaphorical - something that covers us, perhaps something that shields us, or keeps us hidden."

She added: "So it can feel liberating to shed our clothing and spend time in our own bodies, as nature intended. We might feel more grounded and connected with our own human form and sensory experiences - less embarrassed, more accepting of ourselves, and more positive about our bodies.

"Less embarrassed, more accepting of ourselves, and more positive about our bodies."

Eflorist says there are five benefits to naked gardening, reports WalesOnline

1) Nudity brings you closer to nature

It’s widely accepted that being naked brings you closer to nature - by feeling the soil on your feet and the sun on your bare skin.

From the crisp feeling of leaves to the earthy scents of the soil, every sensation becomes more vivid and real when experienced in the nude. This connection with nature heightens our appreciation for the world around us and promotes a feeling of interconnectedness with the earth

2) Sustainability

Embracing naked gardening is not only good for personal freedom, but also environmental allyship. By shedding our fabrics, gardeners can embrace a more sustainable way of life.

Furthermore, the intimate connection with the natural world through naked gardening fosters a deeper appreciation for the world’s ecosystems - inspiring a greater commitment to conservation efforts.

3) Community building

Whilst the idea of naked gardening may seem daunting to some, for many, it offers an opportunity to make deeper connections with like-minded, green-thumbed individuals.

World Naked Gardening Day brings together a vibrant community of gardeners, who each share a passion for gardening and a willingness to embrace life's simple pleasures - as well as the joy of self-expression.

4) Health benefits

Believe it or not, being naked actually brings along a ton of health benefits. Nudity helps to evaporate any sweat and toxins from our skin.

This natural ventilation process helps to keep the skin clean and clear, reducing the risk of any skin irritations. Shedding our clothing also holds a greater sense of freedom and relaxation, which can have a large impact on our overall mental health and wellbeing, as well as reduce our stress levels.

The British Heart Foundation shared that even a simple 20 minutes in nature can significantly reduce your levels of cortisol - our stress hormone.

5) Body positivity

In today’s digital world, filtered images and unattainable beauty standards can move to the front of any social media feed - creating unrealistic beauty, and body standards for users.

By baring all in the garden, individuals of all shapes, sizes, and ages can embrace the same message - body positivity and self-acceptance - and champion one another.