People are only just realising what ASDA actually stands for

The Asda Store, Huyton
The Asda Store, Huyton -Credit:Liverpool Echo

ASDA is a household name for many but people are only now realising how the supermarket got its name.

The ASDA name all links back to a business merger on May 3, 1964. Co-founder Peter Asquith and his brother Fred were planning their first supermarket from the ground up.

The brothers originally had a single butcher shop in the small town of Knottingley, West Yorkshire, dating back to the 1920s. But they decided they wanted to create a single store where you could get bread, milk and more all in one space.

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They were further inspired during a trip to America when they saw the potential for an "under one roof" store, after visiting the Piggly Wiggly, possibly the world's first supermarket. As the Asquiths’ venture continued to grow, Peter reached out to Noel Stockdale at Associated Dairies, with a view to striking up a business partnership.

As the ASDA website recounts: "It was the beginning of a fantastic retail partnership." The fusion of ASquith and DAiries gave rise to the ASDA we know today. While the likes of M&S are fairly self-explanatory, there are others with acronyms and unique backstories that might just surprise you.

Tesco was established by Jack Cohen, the son of Polish Jewish immigrants, in 1919. The name Tesco was born when Cohen purchased a tea shipment from Thomas Edward Stockwell and decided to create new labels using the initials of the supplier's name - TES - and the first two letters of his surname - CO.

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