People are only just realising sticker on Imperial Leather soap bar has hidden use

Cussons Imperial Leather soap.
Cussons Imperial Leather soap. -Credit:UIG via Getty Images

People are only just realising the sticker on Imperial Leather soap bars has a hidden use. If you've ever stepped into the shower with a bar of Imperial Leather, you'll have noticed the iconic red and gold sticker.

For those who favour this classic brand, the sticker isn't just a hallmark of the quality that's been satisfying customers for nearly a century; it's also a badge of honour, signalling their choice to fellow bathroom-goers. However, many are unaware of its additional practical purpose and it's quite brilliant.

The most obvious feature of this sticker is its tenacity; it seems to outlive even your latest shower gel or hair dye. No matter how much you scrub and lather, this resilient metallic label remains intact until the very last sliver of soap dissolves away.

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But there's more to this than mere branding. The secret behind the sticker's durability could actually help extend the life of your soap, potentially saving you money over time....

A fascinating discussion about this steadfast label erupted on social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, where someone wrote: "If the relationship isn't as strong as that sticker on Imperial Leather soap, I don't want it.", reports the Mirror.

One intrigued individual asked: "How does the sticker stay on Imperial Leather bars of soap right to the end?" Another person suggested: "I believe you're supposed to have it in your soap dish/on the sink with the label side down. Stops soap getting a 'soggy bottom'."

This theory was backed up by Imperial Leather itself in a statement issued to Mail Online, explaining that the sticker serves a practical purpose, acting as a compact soap dish to extend the life of the soaps and prevent them becoming soggy.

A representative from the brand told Mail Online: "When the soap is used, the sticker will make and keep the top surface, where the sticker is on, concave. After use, the soap is supposed to be upside down. The concave surface will help water run out from the bar and minimise the touching surface on a soap tray."

To test out this method for yourself, you can pick up a four-pack of Imperial Leather soap for only £2 at Poundland.