This is what people really think about the prospect of a no deal Brexit

<em>Just 25% of people see a no deal Brexit as a positive outcome, according to YouGov (Picture: Getty)</em>
Just 25% of people see a no deal Brexit as a positive outcome, according to YouGov (Picture: Getty)

Just a quarter (25%) of people would see a no deal Brexit as a positive outcome, with twice as many (50%) seeing it as a negative and over a third (37%) viewing it as “very bad”, research has revealed.

The YouGov research found that even among Leave voters, just half saw no deal as positive.

But despite that, most people don’t believe the warnings surrounding a no deal Brexit, with nearly half (47%) thinking the idea of food and medicine shortages is exaggerated or invented, while just over a third (35%) think it’s realistic.

When asked which outcome they would prefer when it comes to Brexit, just a quarter (26%) said no deal.

The Government’s deal was a less popular idea at 11% while 12% said they would prefer a deal including a customs union and the single market.

The most popular outcome was a second referendum resulting in the UK staying in the EU, with just over a third (37%) saying that’s what they would like to see happen.

The poll also asked which way people would like to see things go if the EU refuses a further extension and Britain is faced with a straightforward choice between staying in Europe or leaving with no deal.

If that were to happen, 44% said they would prefer to leave with 42% picking the option to stay.

But Anthony Wells, Director of Political and Social Research at YouGov, said it would be wrong to say 44% if people support no deal as other options remain on the table.

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