People Seek Higher Ground in American Samoa Amid Tsunami Warning

People were seen moving uphill in the village of Utulei, American Samoa, on March 4 after an 8.1-magnitude earthquake near the Kermadec Islands led to tsunami warnings across the Pacific.

The earthquake, which struck in the morning, was the strongest of three large quakes recorded in the region in less than 24 hours.

The US National Tsunami Warning Center said on March 4: “There is the threat of hazardous tsunami waves impacting low-lying coastal areas in American Samoa. Persons located in low-lying areas along coasts of all of American Samoa should move immediately inland or to high ground or to the fourth floor and above in a steel or concrete building.”

Later, it said the threat had passed, but “minor sea level fluctuations” could continue. Credit: Mani Papalii via Storyful

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