People share theories after viral clip shows 'red bags loaded first on planes'

Woman pulling luggage at the airport
Apparently red bags are loaded first -Credit:Getty Images

People have been sharing their theories as to why red bags are loaded first on planes.

Everyone knows the anxiety of waiting for your suitcase to appear on the carousel, but a TikTok video sparked a debate by suggesting that red bags are loaded first.

TikTok user @idkstirling delved into the mystery, dedicating "two hours of research" to uncover the truth behind the red suitcase phenomenon.

He discovered a plethora of theories on social media, one being the bright colour prevents them from being "left behind when unloading", which others found "reasonable".

Despite his extensive research, @idkstirling admitted he found "zero information" to confirm the practice of loading red bags first. However, he shared insights from fellow TikToker @djsugue, who suggested that "local bags are loaded first, which means you fly to your stop and you're off and done".

A baggage handler shared insights on luggage loading priorities, explaining that connection bags are second to be loaded onto the plane, indicating a subsequent flight for those passengers.

He revealed: "The final bags that are loaded are fragile bags and standby bags." At the end of his video, he invited viewers to share any additional insights they might have about the 'red bag theory'.

In response to his video, one commenter suggested the red bags belonged to the "flight crew", expressing surprise that this wasn't common knowledge. Another person speculated these bags, given their uniform appearance and non-designer status, were likely airline property designated for last-off loading to various baggage terminals.

Another individual contributed to the discussion by suggesting the bags are "loaded by weight", implying the clustering of red bags was merely coincidental. Some followers were bemused by the uploader's admission of spending "two hours" researching the topic.